As I was on Κρήτη (KritiCrete) and wanted to see Σαντορίνη, I tried to get a ferry boat to the island. As the trip isn’t short I decided to get onboard of the Megajet, a highspeed boat going from Ηράκλειο to Σαντορίνη. A nice trip that ended not like I expected.

I read that in Σαντορίνη you can walk up from the harbour to the main city – or get carried by donkeys. When we arrived at the island there was no city in sight; the trip ended at the new harbour, not the old one.

I left the ship and was standing in front of giant rocks of the caldera. Walking up seemed impossible. Everyone else seemed to be booked on a trip and boarded tour busses – but then I found out that there is a regular public bus service that took me easily to Θήρα. Getting up the hill by bus was something for people with strong nerves…

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