Fontana di Trevi

The Fontana di Trevi is the most famous fountain in Roma, Italy. It is 26 meters high, 50 meters wide and was built from 1732 on. It was inaugurated by the Pope in 1735 – even as the works weren’t finished by then.

It contains maritime figures and Oceanus at its center. It is made of travertine and marble from Carrara. A lot of people throw money in that is collected for the help organization Caritas. There is a myth that throwing a coin over the shoulder ensures your return to Roma.

Throwing two contains makes sure that you fall in love with someone from the eternal city. Three coins secure marriage. The fountain became extremely popular by the movie La Dolce Vita of Federico Fellini: Anita Ekberg and Marcelo Mastroianni are having a nightly bath within the fountain.

Fontana di Trevi
Piazza di Trevi
00187 Roma, Italy

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