Onshi ueno dōbutsuen

When I’m abroad I love to go to zoological gardens. You can learn a lot about a society when you see how they treat animals. And in Tōkyō, Japan I was really surprised: those silent and emotion-free Japanese people started to laugh and smile at the zoo.

If you want to see the zoological garden of Tōkyō you’ll have to go to Ueno park. The zoo consists of two parts because of a road running through it – you can cross it by a bridge or a monorail train. The zoo was opened in 1882 and contains 2600 animals from 460 species. It is known for its two great panda bears.

I will always remember this place because I got to know a beautiful species here: there was a tree with the word “porcupine” in front which didn’t translate easily for me until then. And I couldn’t see an animal anywhere. But there was a nice note: “If you can’t find porcupine, look up in the tree!”.

Where helpful! Now I know what a porcupine is, I know that it can climb and I took a lot of time to admire this wonderful special animal.

Onshi ueno dōbutsuen
9-83 Uenokoen, Taito
Tōkyō 110-0007


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