Carnevale di Venezia

I’ve been to Venezia, Italy as a child with my father – but the first time I can really remember was when we returned guiding a tourist group at the time of the Carnevale di Venezia. A time when the city is especially crowded with tourists.

We had a hotel in Mestre – not on the island – and went different times over to visit the city and the people walking around in costumes and with masks. Even though we didn’t join any special event it was nice to enjoy the atmosphere in that time of the year.

And it was the moment when I experienced the magic abilities of bus drivers: when guiding my group back by public bus to the hotel I was holding my GPS-enabled phone to the window and had the hard task to find the correct bus stop.

When our bus driver returned he said that it was pretty easy to find the correct bus stop: he just looked out for the one labeled “Fermata“. He didn’t know that “la fermata” is the Italian word for (bus) stop and that this word is written on every bus stop.  😉

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