Tiger & turtle

In the south of Duisburg, close to the industrial zone of Angershausen you can find the magic mountain: it is a good example of conversion at the Ruhrgebiet. The 35 meters high hill was once a waste disposal site of a zinc manufacturing company. When the Ruhrgebiet became European Capital of Culture in 2010 it was decided to create an artwork in this location and the design of Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth won the contest.

That is why today there is a 20 meters high rollercoaster that you can explore on foot – only the looping is obviously not accessible. From there you have nice views on the surrounding area and the sculpture is illuminated at night. Entrance is free and on sunny days families often gather for a picnic on top of the hill. Access by public transport is best possible by taking tramway 903 to the stop ‘Tiger & Turtle‘.

Tiger & turtle – magic mountain
Ehinger Str. 117
47249 Duisburg

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