Rainbow mountains

If you decide to take a tour from თბილისი to the David Gareja monastery at the border to Azerbaijan than it will be probably offered together with a stop at the so-called rainbow mountains. They are actually directly in front of the monastery and not known by this name – but they’re nevertheless absolutely worth a visit.

The geological formations have been created by sediments and movements of the earth over time. It is a very colorful phenomenon and you can hike down from the parking area and have a tour in this place. If you discover small holes in the ground: this are actually snake pits inhabited by Vipera kaznakovi. They typically don’t show up during day time and an antiserum is available in the hospitals of თბილისი, not more than two hours away. That is at least the information my guide used to calm me. 😎

Rainbow mountains
close to David Gareji monastery

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