West of the city center of თბილისი you can find Vake park, a large garden opened in 1946 to commemorate the victory in World War II. A long central axis leads you on red sand to the tomb of the unknown soldier surrounded by a mosaic of Georgian flags. Behind there is a water cascade that you can follow up to the central monument finished in 1981 by a Soviet sculptor.

The memorial of glory is a woman raising her arms and holding a banner as well as a stick with oak leaves. It has a special style but the entire monument was in bad shape, restoration works seem to have started once but it doesn’t look like they’re continued at the moment. Therefore the section is currently separated from the rest of the park but you can enter it and climb to the monument. As an alternative you can take the aerial cable car to turtle lake starting at the entrance of the Vake park and walk down on (uneven) paths.

And ‘Gamarjoba’? That’s a common greeting in Georgia and it means: victory.

Victory monument
Vake park
თბილისი / Tbilisi

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