Chreli Abano

One of the delights of a visit to თბილისი are the different sulphur spas that were formerly found throughout many parts of the city. Today you can find different of them at the bath district close to the city center, opposite to Metechi. The most famous nowadays is Chreli Abano, the luxurious one with the impressive facade giving it an oriental look.

At Chreli Abano you need to pre-book via the Internet and can then choose between smaller rooms for 100 Lari and larger rooms going up to 500 Lari per hour. You can also order drinks and snacks which then are delivered to your room and you can order classic massages. I had a smaller room without cold water pool and sauna, but I enjoyed my stay really much. The only drawback is that you’re really tired afterwards and still need to find the way back to your hotel. 😉

Chreli Abano sulphur spa
თბილისი / Tbilisi

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