A magic place outside of Bakı. The Atəşgah fire temple is a religious place formerly used by Zoroastrianism and Hinduism. It became so famous that even Jules Vernes and Alexandre Dumas visited it and wrote about it. Once you’ve passed the historic walls of Atəşgah you’ll see an eternal flame protected by a building at the center and rooms surrounding it but leaving a large courtyard around the fire.

It looks like a monastery arranged around a fire and that’s what Zoroastrianism wanted it to be. It is a religion created by Zarathustra and which is based on the ancient script Avesta. Zoroastrianism doesn’t know any depictions of God, it protects the eternal flame Atar which is a sign of God, instead. It was once a giant world religion, now there are still around 100,000 followers mainly in Iran and India.

Atəşgah fire temple

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