National art museum

A fantastic collection of art can be found southeast of the  İçəri Şəhər of Bakı: the Azərbaycan Milli İncəsənət Muzeyi (national art museum). It was founded in 1936 and contains 17,000 items of which 3,000 are on display in two buildings dating back to the first oil boom in Azerbaijan. And that is already the most important thing you need to know: the museum consists of two buildings that are connected and which you both need to see.

I had to search a bit for the right way to the second building but was directed by friendly staff. In the first building I saw western paintings, Asian and Persian art – but only the second collection offered my insight into local Azeri art and Soviet-style art. It was amazing to see these fantastic masterpieces from artists I’ve never heard about.

Azərbaycan Milli İncəsənət Muzeyi
National Art Museum of Azerbaidjan

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