Azerbaijani avant-garde

The Museum of Modern Art (Müasir İncəsənət Muzeyi) at Bakı is an unexpected gem aside of the areas typically visited by touristis – the old city center is far away, even the boulevard stretching along the shore ends before you reach the museum. Once you’ve found your way you’ll be rewarded with a large collection of contemporary Azerbaijani art in a very special museum building.

The museum spreads across the ground floor and the first floor of the residential skyscaper at Yusif Səfərov küçəsi 5. You will find it easily because of the artworks presented outside and while the building itself looks like a rather normal and boring residential home, inside it looks like a crazy art gallery. No right angles, it is rather a maze filled with Azeri art. And that is really enjoyable! Throughout the museum you’ll find beanbags to sit down and enjoy the art from all angles.

A visit gives you great insight into current Azeri art and it lets you discover many different styles and themes you might not discover in other parts of the world. The Museum of Modern Art is close to the Port Baku Mall which is located near the east end of the boulevard. Nearest metro stop is Xәtai (on disconnected green line) – but it is still a kilometer to walk from there.

Museum of Modern Art
Müasir İncəsənət Muzeyi
Yusif Səfərov küçəsi 5

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