Maybe the best place to stay and party at თბილისი is Fabrika. It was once a Soviet sewing factory but has been turned into a fantastic multi-functional space with a hostel, bars, restaurants, artist studios and a co-working space. At daytime the large shared living room invites you to hang out, read or work. In the evening hours the inner yard transforms into a party zone with many people enjoying the atmosphere and some drinks.

The hostel has a special atmosphere because of the industrial building and its high ceilings. You can book a bed in a dorm or opt-in for more privacy and reserve your own room. Fabrika is located a little bit aside from the touristic center of the city but easily accessible by buses and minibuses; additionally the metro station Marjanishvili is just around the corner. Because of the rather young visitors many e-scooters are available in front of the hostel, but most people seem to arrive by taxis booked via the Bolt app.

If you are wondering about the many dogs in front of the hotel and everywhere in the city: the inconvenient truth is that there is no animal shelter in the city. If people can’t afford to feed their dogs anymore they release them to the streets. A sad story, but most of them seem to be in good shape and vaccinated (that’s documented by the ear marks).

Fabrika Tbilisi
8 Egnate Ninoshvili
Georgia / საქართველო


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