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The city history museum of თბილისი can be a nice place for visitors or a disappointment; that’s depending on your expectations. The building with an art nouveau facade dates back to the 19th century and copies the structures of an ancient caravanserai of the Silk Road. It contains the city history museum on the ground floor and a bar, a wine museum and some shops in the basement. I found the building itself to be really beautiful but the museum could really be extended. The city history museum is located on Sioni street next to the Sioni cathedral.

When walking through the exhibition you see same pictures of ancient Tbilisi and you can discover beautiful wooden models of houses in the special style they used here over the centuries. You can also learn about the special products produced in the region and which crafts were typical for the city. But the museum fails to tell the history of თბილისი, the way it was created over centuries, the important historical events that shaped the city. It would have been nice to learn more about that.

თბილისის ისტორიის მუზეუმი
Tbilisi city history museum
თბილისი / Tbilisi

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