The northwest of Iceland is a region with only a few touristic sights. Between Akureyri and Reykjavík you normally drive long passages without many stops. A good opportunity for a rest and maybe a picnic is the Kolugljúfur canyon. It only needs a short detour from the ring road on road 715. There the Víðidalsá river is running through a deep canyon and the Efrifoss waterfall (which is part of the Kolufossar) sends its waters into the deep.

Close to a bridge over the Víðidalsá you’ll find a parking area and a picnic place. Paths are leading along the canyon on both sides and you can also descent to get closer to the water. The area is really nice and less crowded than other canyons and waterfalls on Iceland – but that doesn’t mean that there might not appear a tourist group posing on the waterfall and taking pictures for an hour.


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