Ásbyrgi canyon

A canyon with high rocks surrounding it, with an endless amount of birch trees, a beautiful green lake, a dry-fallen waterfall and a lot of hiking paths. That is Ásbyrgi. Geologists name glaciers and over time moving waterfalls as the creators of this special landscape. The legend says it is the hoofprint of Odins horse Sleipnir that created the valley. Believe what you want to believe, but having a short hike through the valley is something you shouldn’t reject.

At the entry to Ásbyrgi there is a visitor’s center providing information and also a small handcraft market. From there you could walk into the valley but most people prefer to go by car to a carpark much close to the lake Botnstjörn. There you’ll find toilets and you can just follow the different paths through the birch forest. But beware: Ásbyrgi is considered the capital city of the elves on island. Don’t disturb them. 😉


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