Glacier lake

The Fjallsárlón is the smaller of the two glacier lakes at the southern end of the Vatnajökull glacier. The Breiðá river connects it to the sea and the area is part of the national park and thereby protected. Once you’ve left your car and walked over a small mountain you can see the impressive white glacier and the icebergs drifting on the lake. If you want to there is the opportunity to take a boat cruise on the glacier lake and get closer to the ice.

I deemed that unnecessary as only a few kilometers later you’ll reach the Jökulsárlón lake with a massive amount of ice close to the shore. Visiting the Fjallsárlón is nevertheless a great idea: it is much more calm there and at the parking area you’ll also find a nice cafeteria in which you can sit indoor; an advantage in contrast to the food trucks found at the next glacier lake.


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