Mileniumski Krst

СкопјеNorth Macedonia, is beautifully located in a valley surrounded by mountains. The Hausberg of the city, reachable pretty fast from the center, is the Vodno. It is located in the southwest and the highest point (Krastovar) is 1066 meters high. On top of it you can find the Millennium Cross (or Mileniumski Krst) – a 76 meters high cross made of steel and illuminated at night. It was placed there in 2002 as a symbol of the new millennium.

The cross is highly symbolic and controversial. It is carried by twelve columns (twelve apostles) and it has 33 floors (33 years of the life of Jesus). With the mix of religions in the city underneath and the long Osman reign it feels odd for some people to have a giant sign of Christianity visible above the city day and night. But now it is there and probably going to stay. Initially it was planned that you can get by elevator to the top of the cross, but that is still not possible. At least two shops sell food and drinks.

Close-by a new town’s landmark is being errected, the AEK antenna tower. It will be double the size of the Millennium Cross and has a special futuristic architecture. Unfortunately it is not planned as a tourist destination, it is only used for telecommunication. If you want to reach the top of Vodno, you first have to get to the funicular base station at half the height of the mountain. It is a narrow road you can do by car or public bus; I take off my hat for the people who cycle up there. At the base station there is a large parking area and you can find some shops. The modern (made in Austria) funicular takes you in seven minutes up to the top.

Mileniumski Krst
Скопје / Skopje
North Macedonia

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