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There couldn’t be a better location at Скопје for the national gallery of North Macedonia than the Davut Paşa Hammam. The bathhouse was built in the second half of the 15th century close to the historic city center of Скопје, it can be found close to the giant statue of Philipp II of Macedon. The building is an excellent example of Islamic culture and it is wonderful to walk through its beautiful rooms with star-covered domes and discover local artworks behind its numerous columns.

Under the 15 domes there was once a spa separated into two different areas, one for women and one for men. It is named after its creator Davut Paşa (or Daut Pascha). Men could enter from the main street, women from the backstreet which is today the main entrance. On its ground there was formerly the Sv. Demetrius church that was demolished for the creation of the spa. It is said that when the spa opened, snakes were coming out of the pipes instead of water. That should have only changed when the church had been rebuilt in a different area. The first permanent collection was shown there in 1951, today you can find works from the 14th century until today.

National gallery Davut Paşa Hammam
Скопје / Skopje
North Macedonia

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