Archaeological museum

The archaeological museum of Скопје is part of the heavily debated project Skopje 2014, the project that changed the face of the city center massively. It is located in a building close to river Vardar that received a new but historic facade. You can enter it over the highly decorated bridge of the civilizations in Macedonia. It contains many regional findings: golden masks from Охрид, icons from Виница and a nice coin collection.

The permanent exhibition is hard to understand without a guide as there are no written explanations. But they also have changing exhibitions that are surprisingly good, I visited one about the archaeological excavations at Styberra. If they present you the tomb of Alexander the Great: remember that it can only be a copy, the original has been destroyed in Alexandria, Egypt. Such an exhibit also reminds the visitor that this museum is used for a political mission to define a national identity for North Macedonia.

Археолошки музеј на Република Македонија
Archaeological Museum of Macedonia
Скопје / Skopje
North Macedonia

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