Меѓународен аеродром Скопје

The airport of Скопје (SKP), North Macedonia, is a small but good one. It has one terminal and one runway, as a passenger it is very convenient and fast to use. Formerly the airport was named after Alexander the Great; as a part of the conflict resolution with Greece the airport name has been neutralized. SKP is located 20 kilometers outside of Скопје at Петровец. It is operated by a Turkish airport company called TAV.

When you arrive you’ll find an entrance hall that provides everything you need: a nice coffee bar, car rental companies, an ATM from Turkish Halkbank and exchange offices. You can get a local SIM card for your mobile phone at a stand of Deutsche Telekom (yes, they’re active here) for a reasonable price. And there is also a booth of WTransporter (https://www.wtransporter.com) – the company organizing the public transport into the city. Busses are cheap (199 MKD one way) and reliable, they stop at the Capitol Mall, the railway station and finally hat the hotel Holiday Inn close to the city center. You can get tickets on board or at the booth within the airport.

Меѓународен аеродром Скопје
International airport of Skopje
North Macedonia

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