Neue Residenz

The Neue Residenz is an impressive ancient building close to the cathedral of Bamberg. It was the residence of the bishops from 1604 on and replaced the Alte Hofhaltung on the opposite side of the street in this function. The building consists of two sections, one in Renaissance and one in Baroque style. From 1803 on the Neue Residenz became a home of the Bavarian kings when Bavaria expropriated church property on a large scale.

Visiting the Neue Residenz is worth a try because of three things: first, there are more than 40 highly decorated rooms showing the richness of the bishops. Second, the building houses a beautiful art collection in one of its wings. Third, the Neue Residenz has a beautiful rose garden with nice views on the city.

Neue Residenz
Domplatz 8
96049 Bamberg

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