Surrounded by water

What is the most important icon of Bamberg? There is only one correct answer: it is the old town hall building (Altes Rathaus) built on posts within the river Regnitz. Not only tourist books use this place is the one and only image of the city – also companies showing their connection to Bamberg use it massively. The impressive building is partly half-timbered and marks the border between the religiously ruled (Bergstadt) part of the city and the secular Bamberg (Inselstadt).

It is unclear when exactly the town hall was built. It was first mentioned in the year 1387 and altered several times thereafter. Today it contains different Baroque and Rococo elements. The painting of the facade was first created in 1755. If you want to get inside: there is the beautiful Rokokosaal and a vast collection of porcelain.

Altes Rathaus
Obere Brücke
96047 Bamberg

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