Bamberger Dom

You can’t overlook the cathedral of Bamberg with its two high towers. It is part of the Bergstadt city quarter and located on a mountain next to river Regnitz. The Bamberger Dom named St. Peter und St. Georg is special, not only because of its Romanesque style. It is the only burial site of a pope in Germany and north of the Alps. While popes are typically buried at Roma, pope Clement II – who was formerly bishop of Bamberg – was buried within this cathedral.

And he is of course not alone there. Two other important personalities who found eternal rest at the Bamberger Dom are Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor and Cunigunde of Luxembourg. They were the founders of the cathedral of Bamberg and both later became officially recognized saints of the Catholic church. Did you know that Henry II died at the Pfalz Grona in my hometown Göttingen in 1024 CE?

The foundation stone of the Bamberger Dom was laid in the year 1004 CE, the cathedral as inaugurated in 1012 CE. After a massive fire in 1185 it had to be rebuilt. The church is dedicated by name to the first apostle Peter and the dragon-slayer George. Within you can find the Bamberger Reiter which is an icon of the city: the statue of a horseman from the 13th century CE made of stone.

Bamberger Dom St. Peter und St. Georg
96049 Bamberg

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