If people only know one thing about Nürnberg, Germany, it is the Christkindlesmarkt – one of the oldest and best-known Christmas markets in the world. Every year the Hauptmarkt and the streets surrounding it are filled with stands where you can buy sweets (especially Lebkuchen and Früchtebrot) and Christmas decorations. But also the typical German bratwurst and mulled wine can be found there.

It is a vast Christmas market that is attractive because of the beautiful city surrounding it. Two million visitors from Germany and all around the world visit it and you must be a fan of large crowds to enjoy the spectaculum. The origins of this tradition are in the dark. It is believed that the Christkindlesmarkt is a spin-off of the traditional markets in the city and the first proof of its existence dates back to the year 1628 (a box today stored in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum).


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