Is the central library Oodi at Helsinki a place you should really visit? Of course! Because it is like a blueprint how libraries should be everywhere in the world. The new building was opened in 2018 and the fantastic architecture acts as a bridge between the analog and the digital world. Oodi combines the classic library offering printed books with a digital library, with 3D printers, a cinema, with a recording studio, with video games… It creates so many good reasons to visit the library.

Next to all these facilities Oodi als acts as a shared working space and a playground. On the 2nd floor there is a coffee bar and on the outdoor terrace you can read and enjoy your coffee with good views. In the basement there is also a restaurant so that you can even enjoy your lunch at the library. By the way: Oodi is the Finnish word for ode – an ode to knowledge or wisdom? Even as it is called ‘central library’ the Oodi is not the biggest and most important library in the library system of Helsinki. The main library can be found in the north of the city in the Pasila district.

Helsingin keskustakirjasto Oodi
Public library
Töölönlahdenkatu 4
00100 Helsinki


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