Once people have seen all angles of the old city of Dubrovnik they often search for some nature and a bit of recreation. Preferred destination for that is the island of Lokrum, a natural reserve on an island directly in front of the city (just 600 meters away). You simply need to get to the harbor, buy a ticket and a boat will take you out to a relaxed place with beaches, bars, a castle, a botanical garden and peacocks.

The island is 81 hectares small and you can’t get lost there. The best thing to do is to climb up the hill to the Fort Royal built by French forces. You can climb inside and enjoy nice views on Dubrovnik. But before you get there you need to take the ‘path of paradise‘, a paved walk steadily up the hill. It is so steep that you’ll continuously ask yourself why you are doing it; but trust me, it is worth the pain.

The legend says that Richard the Lionheart stranded on the island and promised to build a cathedral there. In reality he contributed to the cathedral of Dubrovnik. And Lokrum became known (like many other places of the area) by Game of Thrones which used it as a filming location. Today the cloister containers a tiny museum on this topic and a copy of the Iron Throne; I guess a lot of people just get there to take a picture on this uncomfortable seat.

Lokrum island

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