The best views on the old town of Dubrovnik you’ll find on mountain Srđ. It is a 412 meters high mountain that can be easily accessed by cable car from a station close to the Ploče gate of the city center. When you arrive up there you can enjoy lunch in a restaurant with an amazing outdoor terrace and you can visit a museum in the ruins of the ancient Fort Imperial.

Old town, Dubrovnik
Old town seen from Srđ, Dubrovnik

The fort was built in 1810 by French forces and was always important for the protection of the city. It is said that whoever controls the Srđ also controls Dubrovnik. It also played an important role during the siege of Dubrovnik in the Croation war of independence (1991-1995). When Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia Dubrovnik was besieged, something that nobody expected because it was hard to believe that someone would put the UNESCO world heritage site at stake.

Srđ mountain
Žičara / Cable car

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