Art nouveau paradise

Victor Horta was a Belgian architect born in 1861, creating art nouveau buildings. He enriched the city of Bruxelles with different houses in this fantastic style and four of them together form a UNESCO world heritage site. The best place to learn more about him and his work (and to enjoy art nouveau buildings and furniture) is his former house and workshop at the city quarter St. Gilles. When standing in front of the building you can’t really imagine the beauty that awaits you inside – you need to visit it.

The building was completed in 1901 and on five floors it gives enough room for a family but doesn’t allow for too many visitors at the same time. Therefore, you need to reserve a timeslot in advance (it is often booked-out for the next three days) and arrive within a fifteen-minute timeslot. When art nouveau came out of fashion in 1919 Horta sold the building and fortunately it could be preserved including all the interior design and furniture. It is all in art nouveau style! To protect the building, photography is forbidden inside. After leaving your luggage and your smartphone in a locker you can explore all areas on a round-tour freely. An amazing opportunity you shouldn’t leave out!

Musée Horta
Rue Américaine 27
1060 Bruxelles

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