The island of Cyprus is a place that you can best explore by car. Many interesting places are far away from civilization and every city on the island can be explored within one day. Therefore, I planned a roundtrip in the Greek part of the island and booked a different hotel for each and every day. On the first day I arrived already in darkness, had to navigate while trying to stay on the left side of the road and I didn’t want to search for a car park after a long day of travelling. That’s why I booked a hotel at Λάρνακα that would normally never see me, the E-Hotel.

Don’t get me wrong: it is a hotel with a good style, a nice terrace, and a wonderful pool area. It’s the kind of hotel you book if you get to a country and mostly want to hang out at the pool or beach. It is located remotely south of Λάρνακα, not far away from the coast. There is not much touristic infrastructure around. If you need a restaurant: the Cyprus Fish Tavern can be reached on foot (and serves dishes until 10 pm in off-season).


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