Biggest stone

There seems to be a competition around the world who has the biggest monolith. Is it in Lebanon, in Egypt or in China? When you get to بعلبك, Lebanon you can visit the Roman quarry in which the stones for the Baalbek temples have been carved and at its centre, you’ll see the Hajjar al-Hibla (Stone of the South or Stone of the Pregnant Woman). The monolith with a weight of 1,000 t is 20 meters long and has been carved but not yet moved to the temple site.

Giant stones used at Jupiter temple, Baalbek
Giant stones used at Jupiter temple, Baalbek

This quarry is now a touristic location and the guides tell that women get pregnant when touching the stone. Local guides in Baalbek are always very entertaining. If it is really the biggest stone can be doubted – there is a stele in China and an obelisk in Egypt that are larger in size. But it is nevertheless a giant stone and it is hard to imagine that stones of this size could be moved. When visiting the Jupiter temple at Baalbek watch out for the foundation stones; you will see similar giant stones there.

Biggest stone in the world
Roman quarry
بعلبك / Baalbek

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