Pizza Pilgrims

I found a recommendation on the Internet that if you want to have a good pizza in London, United Kingdom, you should look out for Pizza Pilgrims. It is a pizza restaurant with many branches throughout London and they serve good Italian pizza – even a lot of vegetarian versions. And their speciality is a ring of pizza dough filled with Nutella and decorated with ice cream; that calls for a lot of sport afterwards. I searched for one of their locations nearby and what I didn’t know – I didn’t choose one of their restaurants but ended up in the Westfield shopping mall.

Westfield is located in Shephard’s bush and is the largest shopping mall in Europe. It is quite impressive to walk along the countless number of different shops. Okay, somebody counted them – there are 450 within the shopping mall. There are also a lot of good restaurants but Pizza Pilgrims is located in the giant food court on the first floor. I didn’t really like the atmosphere because of the many small restaurants and so many people passing by all the time. If you’ve got space left in your tummy try out Master Bao – a Taiwanese restaurant serving bao buns (steamed little buns with different delicious fillings). Westfield is located in the East of London and the next stations are Shephard’s bush and Wood Lane.

Pizza Pilgrims / Westfield shopping mall
Ariel Way
Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 7GF
United Kingdom

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