Food prices

Before Sweden joined the European Union in 1995 the food prices were so high in comparison that families on holiday loaded their cars with everything that could be taken there without cooling it permanently. Cereals, sausages and juice was simply taken from home.

Today things got a lot better but food prices in Sweden are still 25 % above EU average. The latest figures from 2017 show that the country still has the 5th highest food prices of the 28 EU countries. Therefore travelers from Germany experience shopping for food to be still quite expensive. At least if they are not staying at one of the big cities – the prices differ heavily between rural and urban regions.

1. Switzerland
2. Norway
3. Iceland
4. Danmark
5. Sweden

14. Germany

26. Poland
27. Romania
28. Macedonia
– Food prices in Europe (2017)

If your travel budget is tight it is still a good idea to bring a basic set of food with you. Throughout the country you will find big ICA supermarkets that are pretty good but also Lidl supermarkets that have the same prices everywhere in Sweden and are cheaper. Not buying food in Sweden is impossible for sure but I also don’t want to miss the experience of buying local food and things that I don’t have at home. That is an important part of the travel experience. And what would a trip to Sweden be without päron dryck or lingonberry jelly?

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