Burgruine Sichelnstein

The Burgruine Sichelnstein can be found at the village Sichelnstein belonging to Staufenberg, Germany. It has been built before the year 933 CE and has the shape of a horseshoe. Today it is used only for cultural events and it is closed for visitors outside of events – you can only walk around.

It is unclear when and by whom the little castle has been built. It was destroy – like many other castles – during the 30 years war. Material has been used to built houses. Concerning the name there is a legend: it is said that Otto der Quade created the castle Sichelnstein to more easily steal the grain from the region (‘Sichel‘ means sickle).

As a response Hermann der Gelehrte created the castle Sensenstein close-by – the word ‘Sense‘ means scythe and that is the bigger tool. The ruin of castle Sensenstein is today only visible on the ground, there is nothing else left.

Burgruine Sichelnstein
Burgstraße 10
34355 Staufenberg

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