The Drachenfelsbahn in Königswinter, Germany is Germany’s oldest dog railway – dating back to the year 1883. On a 1 meter wide track the trains transport passengers up to the Drachenfels with a stop in the middle at the castle Drachenburg and the Nibelungenhalle.

On top of the Drachenfels

It is 1.5 kilometers long and climbs the 321 meters high mountain up for 220 meters with a maximum inclination of 20 percent. It is one of the most used cog railways in Europe. Grab your ticket at the station and take a look at the miniature model that you can start for 50 cents. On top you can enjoy good views, have a coffee break and visit the castle ruins. From there you can walk down our take the train to the middle station – you are allowed to stop there twice (on your way up and down).

The stop at the middle

There you can visit the nice castle (there is also a combined ticket for train and castle) and walk five minutes down the hill to see the Nibelungenhalle and the reptile zoo. The train ride is very pleasant and giving you good views on Bonn. If you’re lucky you can catch the seat next to the driver. Don’t worry about parking near the Drachenfelsbahn: there are plenty of parking lots directly at the station but you have to pay 4 Euros a day.


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