Parque das Nações

The Parque das Nações (park of the nations) is an area outside of the city center in the east of Lisboa, Portugal. It was created for the world exhibition in 1998 and is today an own city quarter. When you get here you can use the cable car Teleférico de Lisboa to get along the river Tejo to the Torre Vasco da Gama.

The entrance hall for the EXPO 98 is today a big shopping mall. From the Parque das Nações you’ll have good views on the 17 kilometers long Ponte Vasco da Gama crossing the Tejo and you can visit the Oceanário – the biggest fish tank in Europe. To get there best use a train to the Oriente train station – or catch one of the busses going here from the city center.

Parque das Nações

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