Museu Nacional do Azulejo

Within the old cloister Madre de Deus at Lisboa, Portugal you can find the Museo Nacional do Azulejo (maybe the hardest Portuguese word to pronounce). It is a museum about painted tiles and exhibits numerous artworks on ceramic tiles.It is an art of its own and it is fantastic to see all these detailed pictures drawn on tiles – but ones in a while it becomes a bit boring. But the wonderful structures of the old cloister contribute to the experience; don’t miss the rich church within the cloister!

Within the museum there is also a small restaurant with a patio. They serve simple but good meals and the walls are decorated with tiles that show well fitting images. The museum is a bit hard to reach because it is outside of the old city center. Best catch a bus from subway station Santa Apolónia to Madre de Deus.

Museu Nacional do Azulejo
Rua Matre Deus 4
1900-312 Lisboa

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