Visiting the Grottenolm

If you want to have the chance to see the rare and threatened species olm (Proteus anguinus, German: Grottenolm) you might consider a trip to the Hermannshöhle in Rübeland, belonging to Oberharz am Brocken, Germany. In 1932 five of these animals have been brought there from Postojna, Slovenia.

Sometimes they don’t show up but there is one on display and they show a movie to reduce the disappointment. There are also lots of bats flighing around and that is why you’re not allowed to take pictures or make movies.

You can park your car behind the railway station of Rübeland and next to the car park you can find some fries, waffles or drinks. It’s then an easy walk to the cave – if you need a toilet it is outside, 60 meters up the hill. You can visit the cave only in form of guided tours.

The tour lasts 50 minutes and requires you to walk 800 meters and to take 300 stairs. We found it to be pretty easy and also suitable for kids. The cave was discovered in 1866 and opened for the public in 1890. It is a flowstone cave with many stalagtites, stalagmites and stalagmates and is named after Hermann Grotrian who organized the opening of the cave.

Hasselfelder Straße 2
38889 Oberharz am Brocken
Ortsteil Rübeland

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