Trouts and other fishes

The Gasthaus “Zum Fischer” in Wendefurth belonging to Thale, Germany is one of those places I wouldn’t normally enter. They play German hit songs and the restaurant looks really old-fashioned outside. But if you want to get away from the masses on the Rappbodetalsperre and like fresh fish it is the right destination for you.

In 1977 it was opened to get trouts from the Wendefurth barrier lake and was during the GDR a “volkseigener Betrieb” (VEB). Now the serve mostly one dish in several variations: smoked trouts. And they are pretty good. If you’re more into meat they’ve got some menu items for that, too – and also a short children’s menu.

Gasthaus “Zum Fischer”
Am Stausee 2
06502 Thale

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