Where the wild things are

Bears had a tough time in Germany. In zoological gardens they were held in too small cages. They had to travel with circusses to amuse people. And if found in the wild they were hunted. The “Alternativer Bärenpark” in Leinefelde-Worbis, Germany turned a bad example of a zoological garden into a safeharbour for bears and wolves.

That is the good part about the “Bärenpark“: the animals are kept under good circumstances and you can learn a lot about this species. It is fun to visit with children enjoying also other animals like guinea pigs, goats and sheep. The bad part is the strange educational stile the operators of this zoo use: cages, mobiles cages for circusses, bear heads cut off by trains, images of hunted and killed bears – nothing I want a small child to see.

Alternativer Bärenpark
Duderstädter Straße 49
37339 Leinefelde-Worbis


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