Feel like being at Hawaii

There are some things I would never ever do at home, like walking around without a shirt or wearing flip-flops. I still remember this annoying sound of (mostly female) students walking around with these minimalistic sandals in front of my office door. But coming to Brazil makes doing those things a pure necessity because of the high temperature, especially if you are arriving from a much more chilly country like Germany.

Most automatically you will start to behave like a local and this definitly includes buying flip-flops. The biggest and dominant vendor is Havaianas – they make simple designs but also have a big variety of multi-color sandals. One can’t believe that you can have so many variations of something simple like this. In Brazil, people say “Havaianas” to flip-flops like we say “Nutella” to a spread consisting of hazelnut and cocoa. Which one will be yours?

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