A flight to Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island was once the prison and hospital island of New York. It is a slender island within the East river. Even if there is a metro station on the island, there isn’t much to see – except a nice park at the southern end. But the island is also great for watching the skyline on sundown.

Roosevelt Island Tramway, New York
Roosevelt Island Tramway, New York

The island was once connected to the rest of the city by a streetcar stopping on Queensboro bridge, later on a lift bridge was installed. From 1976 on there is a cable car carrying the inhabitants of the island from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island and vice versa. You should try it out – it starts at the intersection of 2nd avenue and East 59th street, goes some meters above the roads of Manhattan, then continues in parallel to Queensboro bridge and on the last meters sinks down to the island.

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