Fisherman’s Bastion

High above the Danube, at the heart of Budapest (Hungary): the Halászbástya (Fisherman’s Bastion) is a wonderful neo-Gothic monument, located where once the fish market of Buda was. The white walls and towers were part of the city walls of Budapest, this segment protected by the fishermen. It is close to the St. Matthew church and you’ve got an awesome view on the city from here.

The walls were finished in 1902 and today you have to pay a small entrance fee to climb onto them. A very romantic place especially nice in the evening hours – in its center you will find a statue showing Stephen of Hungary on his horse. When you’ve found your way up here you can use the time to explore castle hill; maybe with a visit to the close-by Royal Palace and Hungarian National Gallery?

Szentháromság tér 5
1014 Budapest

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