Penguins at Puñihuil

If you follow the Panamericana from Puerto Montt down to the south it will end suddenly and you need to take a ferry boat to the island of Chiloé. It is a wonderful place where you have the possibility to see penguins in their natural habitat. A very good place for this seems to be Puñihuil beach – you can reach it if you turn west after the ferry usage and pass the town of Ancud; and then simply continue through empty landscapes.

Accessing Puñihuil, Chiloé
Accessing Puñihuil, Chiloé

The fisherman of this place have turned their business towards tourism. They equip you with life jackets and take you with small boats to different penguin colonies close-by. Very cute to see those animals lumbering clumsy up and down the mountain. If you’re lucky you can also see otters on your way and elsewise – the fisherman are also very entertaining. 😉

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