Cemetery of trains

The railway museum of Warszawa, Poland is quite special. It is located in an old railway station and you can first take a look at lots of exhibits indoor. The most wonderful part indeed is outdoor: on the tracks of the old railway station you will find lots of engines and waggons lined up.

This includes trains from different eras and also a rare example of a German armored train with weaponry. A strange concept never again used after World War II. What impressed me most were old trains rusting unpreserved. In Western Europe security rules would prevent you from entering one of these – here you can take nice pictures of the ongoing deterioration.

The museum was already opened in 1931, showed miniatures in the beginning and belonged to the Polish railway PKP. The roofed part is 800 m² large and contains information from 1845 on. The oldest engine you can find outdoor dates back to 1904.

Stacja Muzeum /
Muzeum Kolejnictwa w Warszawie

Towarowa 3
00-811 Warszawa


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