Matsubaya Ryokan

The Matsubaya is a traditional Japanese ryokan – a guest house for travelers – in Kyōto, Japan. Those guest houses measure the size of the room in tatami mats. There are no beds and you sleep on this traditional kind of floor. I always prefer this instead of a traditional hotel.

At the Matsubaya you’ll find a friendly guest family, free WiFi and an Onsen bath for all guests with really hot water – good to relax after a long day and typically with a window to a small but well designed garden in front. The wooden structures have been replaced with earthshake-proven metal structures and the owners excuse for not being able to preserve the traditional building.

I found it quite hard to get to the ryokan because there are no continuous house numbers in Japan. I had to ask some young people speaking English who found out the right way at a police booth and guided me there. A nice first contact to the locals!

Matsubaya Ryokan
Nishi-iru, Higashinotouin, Kamijuzuyamachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku
Kyōto, Japan

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