Second largest

It’s like with the second man on the moon. Everybody knows the Cristo Redentore in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – but did you know that the second largest Jesus Christ statue is located in Maratea, Italy? It is a 21 meters high and 19 meters wide statue on Monte San Biagio.

It was created in 1963 by a sculptor from Firenze, Italy. The material is a mix of Carrara marble and cement, the statue weighs 400 tons. It was not favorited by the people of Maratea by that time but became the town’s landmark.

You will find a Latin inscription explaining when and by whom the statue was built:

Deo Gratias Agens / Stephanus Rivetti / Valcervus Comes / Hoc Simulacrum / Posuit / A. D. MCMLXV.

Statua del Redentore / Cristo Redentore
Monte San Biagio
85046 Maratea, Italy

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