Wedding party in Poland

One day I received an invitation to a wedding in Poland by a Polish colleague. I didn’t know what to expect but for sure a group of colleagues made their way to the city of Bydgoszcz I didn’t recognize before.

We checked in at the cheap Hotel Zatoka close to the river Brda and explored the city center. The next morning we attended the religious service at the beautiful Roman-catholic church św. Marcina i Mikołaja – an interesting experience to not understand a single word.

Afterwards we were brought to a traditional Polish restaurant, the Kummerówka – it was a long night with a vast amount of Vodka. And with Polish-German friendship enhance by Vodka. 😉 It was a pleasure to see the differences in wedding traditions even though I was trying to not participate too much.

The next morning the party wasn’t over – we continued at another restaurant (which is a pretty good idea; German weddings seem to end too abruptly). And after regaining the ability to drive we went back home. A unique experience, something I won’t forget in a lifetime.

Bydgoszcz, Poland

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