Jean Tinguely was a painter and sculptor from Switzerland. Most of his works can be easily recognized because they’re quite unusual: Tinguely often made sculptures looking like machines with moving parts and creating noise. A lot of them are exhibited in the Museum Tinguely at the shore of river Rhein at Basel. Inside the museum there are a lot of black buttons at the floor that you can push with your feet to activate Tinguelys inventions.

The museum building is modern and lofty, inside you can easily lose yourself strolling through the labyrinth of smaller rooms. Downstairs it contains a restaurant, upstairs there is a luggage room (carry-ons are not a problem). You can easily reach the museum on foot from the railway station Basel badischer Bahnhof. Next to the museum you can find the Solitudepark, a place that in summer time many people use to jump into the river and float through the city. If you need more of Tinguely: there is also a nice fountain in the city center.

Museum Tinguely
Paul Sacher-Anlage 2
4002 Basel

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