Edvard Munch was a famous Norwegian painter, maybe the most important of all times. He was born in 1863 and died in 1944 at Oslo, the city he had already grown-up at. His work focusses on humans and their emotions, the maybe best-know painting is Skrik (or The Scream). It was painted in 1893 and four versions exist: two in paint, two in pastels. One of these four is privately owned, but the other three can all be seen at Oslo: one at the Nasjonalmuseet, two of them at the fantastic Munchmuseet directly next to the Operahuset. They are a real attraction for the city and people squeeze in front of them in large crowds.

The Munchmuseet is one of the largest museums only dedicated to one artist. Its history already dates back to the year 1963 when the first building was inaugurated. In 2021 a new fancy museum building with 13 floors was opened directly at the harbor – and it seems to be the perfect place for works like these. As The Scream had been stolen in 2004 from the old museum building (but could be found by police in 2006), the security precautions are now more strict. If you want to see the collection you’ll get a timeslot when buying a ticket only or at the cash desk. And if the large crowd around Skrik annoys you too much: not far away you’ll find my most-beloved artwork by Edvard Munch: Vampiren, which is also the cover image of this post.


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