Macedonian Holocaust Museum

I honestly didn’t expect to find one of the best museums on the Holocaust at Скопје, North Macedonia. It is modern, it uses multimedia technologies and it achieves that visitors immerse themselves into the topic. The Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia remembers the former Jewish citizens of North Macedonia and the Balkans. It was opened in 2011 in the former Jewish quarter of the capital city, between the river Vardar and the old city center.

The museum describes the special situation of Jews on the Balkans and why Sephardic Jews migrated from Spain to the region. It explains the source of hate and how it arrived in North Macedonia. And it describes using original documents and artifacts how the Jewish citizens of Скопје were isolated in a former factory and deported, mostly to the Treblinka extinction camp at Poland. A very well-designed museum that hopefully many people visit to remember the dark past.

Macedonian Holocaust Museum
Меморијален центар на холокаустот на Евреите од Македонија
Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia
Скопје / Skopje
North Macedonia

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